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When you’ve got insects or rodents at your house – you’re not alone.

Everyone who has a house has to deal with pests once in a while.

Today’s exterminators arrive at your door promptly and are prepared with the most effective techniques and products.

They will deal with cockroaches, mice, ants, termites, rats, bees, bugs, animals, gophers and other varmints or rodents.

Mice and Rodent Exterminator in Tigard

Mice are kind of cute – when they’re outside.

It’s when they get inside they become a problem.

Mice stroll through your house trying to find convenient stuff to eat and to make a cozy nest.

If you’re not in favor of sharing your house with rodents, you can have your neighborhood exterminator help.

Ants and Carpenter Ant Prevention

Ants are living in our yards all around us, and occasionally under our houses, so it’s tough to keep them from coming in once in a while.

Even though it’s a little hard, there are a few strategies you can employ to keep them outside.

Rats – Catching and Controlling Them

Veteran Bug ChaserFinding a little mouse in your home isn’t good, but finding a rat is a completely different situation.

If you see what you think is a rat, you should call someone to come over and check it out.

Rats really are a problem, but they can be taken care of and removed with the proper procedures.

Multiple appointments are usually necessary to eliminate rats.

Your technician will create a schedule which ensures good results.

Wasps & Bees – Nest Removal

Most homeowners can tolerate having hornets living in their yard, but sometimes a nest or hive is in a really poor spot.

Wasps and bees often get upset when someone knocks down their nest or hive.

Maybe you don’t have to do it yourself.

Birds or Bats – Local Bird or Bat Control

Most of us enjoy having birds in our neighborhoods, but we don’t want them actually living on our houses.

Their nests are messy and create other issues.

Bats are helpful to our ecosystem, but if they’re nesting someplace in your attic, this means they are basically using your attic as their bathroom.

Bats are a little unique in how you make them go away.

They are sitting around their nest throughout the day, so you can’t just close their entry up during the day when they’re in there.

You want your bats to be motivated to move on and live someplace else.

Your local exterminator will help with that.

Cockroaches – Tigard Cockroach Services

There is not one thing to like about cockroaches.

If you start seeing them, you need to act right away.

You’ll need to be hard on them, but you want to use products that are safe for pets and humans.

Dealing with a cockroach problem is generally not a single day solution.

Your neighborhood specialist may have to return for one or two follow-up visits to keep them from returning.

Termites – Metzger Termite Exterminator

Termites regularly live where it’s difficult to see them.

So they typically go unnoticed.

A qualified termite hunter can determine whether you have them and what harm they may have done.

Pet Fleas or Bed Bugs – Treatment Services

When your dog brings in fleas, they jump off anywhere your pet lays down or spends much time.

Removing the fleas on your dog or cat is the easiest part.

There are products that do that.

Finding and wiping out those tiny ones living in the rugs and carpets around your home is the harder part.

Bed bugs take some time and effort to get out of your home as well.

To get rid of them, you simply need to dedicate some time and effort into getting it done.

Or call someone to do it for you.

Insects – Eliminating Spiders or Ticks or Other Creepy Bugs

Many of us aren’t big fans of bugs.

If they’re outside, we can usually put up with them. But we do not want them indoors.

Many homeowners merely try and flatten those pesky bugs when they see them, they don’t really know how to combat them.

Call a pro. Then say goodbye to your little friends.

Moles and Gophers – Varmint Control

When you have moles or gophers which consistently show up in your yard, it can be frustrating.

A homeowner will often try and take care of those moles or gophers by himself.

But those varmints usually are rugged and new ones usually manage to come back.

There are several approaches to catch them and get them out of your yard, but often the longest lasting strategy is to motivate them to move next door.

After you explore the situation with a local pest management specialist, he will have one or two options for you to pick from.


If you have some wild animal that gets into your garage, attic or basement, you have to have it moved out.

If you can’t keep them moved out of your yard, at least you should keep them from entering into your home again.

Mosquitoes – Call a Mosquito Control Technician

Nobody enjoys mosquitoes.

There are some productive methods for reducing how many your yard has.

Nobody will get rid of every one of them, but you can cut down on them during the height of mosquito season.

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