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Extermination Service in San Rafael

When you’ve got insects or other pests at your home – you’re not alone.

Everybody who owns a home needs to fight pests every now and then.

Your local exterminator is fully trained and arrives with the latest products.

They will tackle termites, mice, bats, cockroaches, wasps, rats, ants, insects and nuisance animals.

Mice and Rodent Exterminator in San Rafael

Sometimes, if you have a mouse or two, you will never see them.

You will just find the evidence of them being there.

Your house is warm and dry, and it has food sitting around.

It’s a perfect place for a mouse to live.

If you don’t choose to share you house with that mouse and his friends, you can have somebody drive over and help out.

Ants – Small and Carpenter Ant Exterminator in North Bay

Ants are everywhere.

It’s just natural that a few will end up in your house sometime.

Although it’s not easy, there are a few strategies you can employ to keep them outside.

Rats – North Bay Rat Elimination Service

Associate getting to workA mouse is one thing, but a rat is something else.

When rats come onto your property, they are generally difficult to get rid of.

Rats will be pretty smart, but there are methods that work on them.

Your technician knows which tactics to use in your situation.

Most rat situations will call for follow up visits to ensure good results.

Bees or Wasps – Wasp or Bee Nest Removal Near San Rafael

Wasps and bees have to live someplace.

Normally it’s okay if they’re on your property, but sometimes the location of their nest can be less than perfect.

Oh, it can be exciting to knock down a hornet’s nest, but maybe this isn’t the kind of excitement you like.

Birds or Bats – Get Them to Leave

Birds are the best when they build their nests in a tree or anyplace that isn’t actually on our house.

A nest on our house or gutter can lead to complications.

Bats do not make contact with us too often.

They just want to fly around at night.

But quite often they create their nests up in the tops of our houses. Then they need to go.

You want to take away the bat’s entry to your home, but you cannot do that during the day when they’re still inside your home.

Extermination providers have experience in doing this.

Cockroaches – North Bay Cockroach Control Service

We all agree that homeowners despise cockroaches.

If you notice them, it’s not easy to get them eliminated.

There are professional products which control them if they are applied to the appropriate locations often enough.

It’s much easier to stop infestation than it is to eliminate one.

A return appointment may be scheduled to evaluate progress and apply preventive treatments.

Termites and Termite Control

We don’t typically notice termites until they’ve done harm to our houses.

If you see indications that termites may be around your house, a professional can drive out and check for sure.

If you do have them, he will put together a good plan to make them go away.

Bed Bugs or Pet Fleas – Bed Bug Extermination Services

If fleas hop on your pet when he’s outside, those fleas will be in areas of your home too before long.

Fleas are troublesome because they’re difficult to see.

Typically, you destroy the ones on your pet to start with, then you get to work on finding the other ones living in your house.

Bed bugs are an additional little pest which wants to stick around your house too.

To eradicate them, you have to be persistent and thorough.

Insects – Spiders and Ticks or Whatever Else

Those big spiders we have around these parts – nobody likes them in their home.

Many of the products property owners can purchase are intended to control observable insects, not to manage them or prevent them from coming in again.

There are reliable remedies which are effective and safe for controlling insects.

Mole and Gopher Control

Are there gophers or moles that keep digging tunnels in your lawn?

Property owners usually first attempt to take care of varmints by themselves first, but they commonly don’t have the best results.

There are various methods for getting them away from your yard.

There are poisons, traps and chemicals.

Once you talk over the situation with a local pest control specialist, he will have one or two solutions for you to select from.

Wildlife Such as Squirrels and Raccoons

Animals can be cute when they live in the wooded spot at the end of the street, but they aren’t so adorable when they attempt to live in your home, basement or garage.

Wild animals may be trapped and taken away or simply kept from gaining access to your house.

Your animal control technician will check out your particular situation.

Mosquitoes – Help for Mosquito Season

Mosquitoes are among the things we just learn to put up with.

But too many of them can spoil a nice day outdoors.

Professionals have sprays and applications which may affect the mosquito egg hatching pattern, consequently temporarily cutting down on their numbers.

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