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Placentia Extermination Service

Every property owner experiences at least one pest problem at some point. It’s bound to happen.

Your friendly neighborhood exterminator will get rid of those wasps, bats, ants, mice, gophers, spiders, termites or nuisance animals.

Mice and Rodent Exterminators

When mice start living in your house, they can do some harm.

Mice sneak through your home and eat stuff and produce little nests.

Your technician will work to get the mice which are already in your home.

But he will also look for their access point and close that up as well.

Ants and Carpenter Ant Control

There are ants all over around the soil outside and under our houses, so it’s only a matter of time before some show up inside.

There are a few good quality and safe products and treatments you can use to keep them outside.

Rats – A Good Rat Exterminator

Crew Associate on the jobA mouse is a problem, but a rat is another.

Rats are a real problem.

Most property owners don’t wish to take on a rat issue all by themselves.

There are tactics which work on rats.

Your pest control company will know which ones to employ in your situation.

To be effective, many situations will require multiple visits and treatments.

Hornets or Wasps – Wasp or Bee Removals

Bees have to live somewhere.

Generally it’s okay if they’re on your property, but sometimes the location of their nest can be less than ideal.

If you have a bee hive or wasp nest, you can always take it down by yourself. It sometimes can be pretty exciting.

Or you can just call somebody else to do it.

Bats or Birds – Flying Problems

We’d like birds to fly around the neighborhood and sing their little songs, but we do not want them to build dirty nests on our houses.

Bats consume lots of insects, so they’re nice to have around.

But if they are sleeping somewhere within your house, they can make a real mess.

You want to take away a bat’s entry to your home, but you cannot do that during the day when they are inside your house.

While they are hard to get to move, your neighborhood service has some experience with doing it.

Cockroaches – Placentia Cockroach Elimination

You don’t want cockroaches at your house. They are gross and hard to eliminate.

There are professional products which eliminate them if they’re put on the right locations often enough.

When your cockroach problem is addressed, you should devote a little in preventing them from coming back.

Prevention treatments are often recommended.

Termites – Talk With a Termite Control Company

Termites won’t do good things for a homeowner, they only do bad things.

A qualified termite hunter will determine whether you have them and what harm they may have already done.

Bed Bugs or Pet Fleas – Treatment Services

When your dog or cat brings in those little fleas, they begin to lay eggs and they wind up anywhere your pet sits, sleeps or spends much time.

Fleas are so tiny, they’re very hard to see.

There are products which will kill them on your pet, but locating and getting them out of your home is much harder.

If you’re unlucky enough to bring bed bugs home to your place, you will have to work through the process to get rid of them.

Most people will attempt to remove their bed bugs all by themselves.

But other folks want to have an expert help them.

Insects – Spiders and Crickets or Whatever Else you Got

Those large spiders we see around here – nobody likes them in their home.

Most do-it-yourself spray products do not seriously manage crawling insects too well.

Call a pro. Then say goodbye to your little friends.

Gophers and Moles – Helpful Varmint Elimination

Are there gophers or moles that keep raising dirt around your yard?

Lots of property owners fight with gophers or moles for years, but they don’t seem to be able to succeed for very long.

There are ways to battle them, such as with poisons and traps, but sometimes the best route is to basically get them to move on.

Your neighborhood professional can go over your options and help you pick out a strategy.

Animal Management

We want to exist together with wildlife. It’s we live inside, and they live outside.

Nuisance animals may be trapped and removed or simply prevented from gaining access to your property.

Your animal control specialist will have a look at your unique situation.

Mosquitoes – Call a Mosquito Control Technician

There are some strategies to decrease the volume of mosquitoes around your house, particularly at the peak of mosquito season.

Professionals will come to your house and put down some sprays at just the optimal time to temporarily disturb their egg hatching activity.

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