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If you have insects or other pests at your place – you’re not alone.

Everybody who owns a home will battle pests from time to time.

A modern day exterminator drives a completely equipped van carrying the most up-to-date technology, chemicals and products.

He is ready for bats, mice, wild animals, spiders, cockroaches, rats, ants and more.

Get Rid of Mice

Mice and other rodents can definitely do some damage to your home.

Your house is warm and dry, and it has food.

It’s a great place for a mouse stay at.

Your specialist will examine your place and come up with a plan to capture or eliminate any mice which are there.

Ants – Natomas Extermination Services for Ant Problems

When ants are living all around and even under our houses, it’s only logical that some will attempt to come inside.

There are some reliable and safe products and treatments you can use to keep them outside.

Rats – Get Rid of a Rat Problem in Northern Sacramento

Veteran Crew MemberRats don’t have any place in your home or other living areas.

A rat, or worse yet, a number of rats, will be a challenge for a homeowner to deal with.

There are tactics which work on rats.

Your pest control company knows which of them to employ in each situation.

Many rat situations will require follow-up appointments to ensure good results.

Hornets & Bees – Removing a Bee Nest From Your Backyard

Since wasps and other flying bugs have the capability to sting if they get frightened, folks just don’t like to have them living in their backyard whatsoever.

You may well be able to knock down a bee or wasp hive by yourself.

But maybe you don’t want to take the chance of getting stung.

Birds or Bats – Local Bat or Bird Control

We all like wild birds, but when birds are making nests up on our houses, they can make a mess and lead to surface damage.

We don’t normally meet bats very often.

But if you think you have some staying in your attic (you may hear them scratching a little at dusk), they should be relocated.

Bats offer a unique problem.

The time to shut them out of your home or attic is at night when they are out flying around your neighborhood eating insects.

You want your bat family to become motivated to move out and live somewhere else.

Your local exterminator can help with that.

Cockroaches – Controlling Them

Cockroaches are a hard problem to have. They are difficult to get rid of.

Your nearby exterminator has professional standard products and solutions which work.

Stopping a cockroach problem is generally not a one trip solution.

Your neighborhood specialist might have to return for one or two follow up visits to keep them from returning.

Termites – Find a Termite Exterminator

Discovering a termite problem at your home really can ruin your day.

A trained termite hunter will see if you’ve got them and what damage they may have done.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs and Fleas

It’s too easy for your dog to bring in fleas – and so hard to get rid of them once they get inside.

Pet fleas are so little, they’re hard to see.

There are products which will eliminate them on your pet, but finding and getting them out of your house is harder.

If you accidentally carry bed bugs home, they intend to stay too.

You can remove them by yourself, you just have to be careful and patient.

Insects – Spiders or Other Bugs

The majority of us can tolerate bugs as long as they remain outside.

But when we discover them crawling around our houses, that’s when we become angry.

Many homeowners don’t know how they should combat these bugs.

There are sprays they might use, but some of them are pretty toxic.

There are commercial remedies that are effective and safe for preventing insects.

Gophers or Moles – Home Varmint Control

Have you not been able to completely get rid of those gophers or moles that live around your property?

Hoping to eliminate them by yourself could have mixed results.

There are different techniques for getting them out of your yard.

There are poisons, traps and chemical products.

You and your pest control technician can discuss the different alternatives and find one that best suits you and your property.

Wildlife – Remove and Prevention

We want to co-exist along with wildlife. We live inside, and they live outside.

Collecting and moving wild animals is no easy task and can’t always be done.

But securely sealing up entry points and preventing varmints from getting into your house or building is essential.

Eliminate Mosquitoes

Nobody loves mosquitoes. There are a few beneficial techniques for lowering how many your yard has.

Specialists have sprays and applications which may disrupt the mosquito hatching cycle, thus momentarily lowering their numbers.

Exterminator Prices – What is the Cost Going to Be?

You can receive some advice and general cost guidelines with a brief phone call.

Arranging a meeting at your home for an inspection will give you a detailed cost quote.

Take care of your California house in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you live near Northgate, Gateway West, Natomas Crossing, Gardenland, North Natomas, Westlake, South Natomas, Creekside or Natomas Park, you can have a specialist stop out and check out your situation.

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