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When the day arrives you see or recognize evidence of insects or mice at your house, you simply have to act.

Your local exterminator has the newest treatments and products and knows how to use them.

He’s ready to take on termites, ants, wasps, wildlife, rats, mice, cockroaches and more.

Mice Control

When a mouse or two makes it into your home, they can produce a mess.

Your house is warm and dry, and it’s got food.

It’s a great place for a mouse to live.

If you’re not enthusiastic about sharing your house with rodents, you can have your community exterminator help.

Ants – Removal and Control

Ants live in our yards all around us, so it’s difficult to keep them out of our houses.

You want them to stay outside.

Your local exterminator arrives with some good new treatments and products which encourage your ants to stay out.

Rat Control Services

Staff Member getting it doneA mouse is a problem, but a rat is something else.

Rats can be a serious problem.

Most property owners don’t want to take on a rat issue all by themselves.

Your exterminator is prepared on the best strategies to eradicate them.

Rat infestations are serious and difficult enough to usually warrant arranged return visits.

One trip normally isn’t enough.

Wasps and Bees – Nest Removal Assistance

Bees are terrific, but most folks aren’t too delighted to have a bunch of flying, sometimes stinging insects all over their backyard.

If you find a bee hive or wasp nest, you can always take it down by yourself. It can be exciting.

Or you can call someone else.

Birds or Bats – Flying Pests

Birds are good. But sometimes they build nests on our homes. It makes a mess. It’s better if they live in a neighborhood tree.

Bats go out every night and eat flying insects, so that’s beneficial.

But they also like to make their home in people’s attics, so that isn’t good.

Bats provide a challenge because they are in your home in the daytime.

Your chance to seal up their entrance and shut them out is at night when they’re outside.

Specialists who have taken care of bats before know some techniques for motivating your bats to relocate.

Cockroaches – Controlling Them Near at Your House

If you notice more than one cockroach at your place, you ought to act right away.

A reliable pest contractor carries professional products. And they understand how and where to apply them to be most reliable.

Preventing a cockroach problem is often not just a one-day solution.

Your neighborhood technician may have to come back for follow up visits to keep them from coming back.

Termites – Termite Removal in Alameda County

Termites are a serious problem. But they can be eliminated and avoided.

A termite specialist knows where to look and the signs to look for.

Let him check out your house and put in place a strategy to stop them.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs and Fleas

When your pet brings in fleas, they hop off wherever your pet lays down or spends much time.

Fleas are challenging because they are hard to actually see.

In most cases, you destroy the ones on your pet to start with, then you work on the other ones now living somewhere in your home.

Bed bugs are one more nuisance that will not go away by themselves.

You can probably eliminate them by yourself.

But if you don’t have the time or tolerance for it, you can call someone in to get it done.

Insects – Spiders or other Bugs Like Ticks

The majority of us are not lovers of insects.

If they’re outdoors, we can usually accept them. But we do not want them inside.

Many homeowners don’t know what to do to combat these bugs.

There are sprays they can use, but some of them are quite toxic.

There are commercial treatments that are safe and effective for controlling insects.

Moles or Gophers – Help in Your Backyard

When you have gophers or moles which consistently show up in your yard, it can be irritating.

Homeowners usually try a number of strategies of clearing their lawns of vermin, but their final results are usually not so terrific.

Most tactics work to a degree, but these varmints are rugged and they live where you can’t see them, so it often seems like you don’t ever really win.

Once you talk about the alternatives available in your neighborhood, you and your pest control manager can decide on a solution.


If you have a few small animals hanging out in your basement or attic or out in the garage, make a plan to keep them out.

Capturing and relocating wild animals is difficult and can’t always get accomplished.

But safely sealing up access points and preventing varmints from getting into your house or building is essential.

Mosquitoes – Effective Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are irritating and some folks are allergic to mosquito saliva.

You won’t prevent all of them from buzzing around your yard, but there are applications and sprays which can minimize their total numbers.

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