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Bugs and rodents are small, but they can really make things worse.

Every homeowner has to be ready to take the appropriate steps to stop them from becoming a problem.

A modern day exterminator has a entirely equipped van carrying the most current technology, products and chemicals.

He is ready for rodents, bats, wild animals, spiders, cockroaches, ants, rats and more.

Mice – Mouse Control on Mercer Island

When a mouse or two makes it into your house, they can produce a mess.

Mice sneak through your house and eat and chew things and build little nests.

An experienced pest control technician will catch whatever mice are in your residence and help you to prevent new ones from entering in.

Ant Exterminator Near Mercer Island

Ants are everywhere. It’s only natural that a few will end up in your house once in in while.

There are environment friendly treatments and techniques for keeping ants out of our houses.

Rats – A Dependable Local Rat Exterminator

Competent Bug CatcherFinding a little mouse in your home isn’t good, but finding a rat is a completely different issue.

When rats move onto your property, they are usually difficult to get rid of.

Rodents will be pretty clever, but there are tactics that work on them.

Your technician knows which techniques to use in your situation.

Rat issues normally cannot be dealt with in only a single visit.

Short return visits will be scheduled until your issue is fully gone.

Hornets and Wasps – Bee or Wasp Nest Removal

Bees are fine, but most people aren’t too pleased to have a bunch of flying, sometimes stinging insects buzzing around their yard.

You might be able to bring down a bee or wasp nest on your own.

But maybe you don’t want to chance getting stung.

Birds or Bats – Local Bat or Bird Control

Birds are terrific when they’re flying about and singing their songs and all that adorable stuff.

But when they build a messy nest up on our home, that may produce a little problem.

Bats eat a lot of bugs as they fly around, which is awesome.

But they also have a bad practice of building nests up in our attic. That isn’t so great.

Taking out bats will be challenging.

You need to close up their entrance, but you don’t do it when they’re in there (which is in the daytime).

You want your bats to become motivated to move out and stay somewhere else.

Your nearby exterminator will help with that.

Cockroach Control in East Bellevue

Cockroaches can be a hard problem to have. They are hard to get rid of.

Pest companies have some good professional grade products and techniques to battle back against them.

It’s easier to stop infestation than it is to get rid of one.

A return visit may be planned to evaluate progress and administer prevention treatments.

Termites – Termite Management in East Seattle

Termites are under the radar.

They may be practically ruining your house and you don’t even realize they are there.

A termite technician who knows a whole lot about termites is aware of what evidence to look for.

If he encounters a problem, he will also know the solution.

Fleas or Bed Bugs – Pet Flea and Bug Exterminators

If you have a dog or cat who spends time outside, he or she will come into contact with fleas.

And they can bring those fleas inside your home.

Pet fleas are so little, they’re difficult to see.

There are fine products which kill them on your pet, but finding and getting them out of your house is harder.

Bed bugs are another one of these problems that will take some effort and time getting rid of.

You can usually get rid of them all on your own.

But if you don’t have the spare time or tolerance for it, you can call someone in to do it.

Insects – Spider and Cricket Exterminators

It’s easy for bugs to crawl into our houses.

But that does not mean we are alright with it.

There are do-it-yourself sprays that kill insects when they get sprayed, but they are not as effective as a deterrent in keeping bugs out.

You can have a professional perform a treatment of your garage or home that will greatly reduce bugs such as spiders or crickets.

Gophers or Moles – Varmint Control

Have you not been able to completely take care of those gophers or moles that live around your property?

Most homeowners first attempt to take care of gophers or moles on their own, but the outcomes are frequently mixed.

There are ways to capture them; but sometimes the most effective technique is to simply encourage them to move on.

After you look at the alternatives available in your neighborhood, you and your technician can agree on a solution.

Wildlife Management

Animals are usually sweet if they live in the wooded section at the end of the street, but they aren’t so sweet when they try to live in your home, basement or garage.

Your animal control professional will come up with a strategy to stop any critters from returning into your house or basement.

Mosquitoes – Help for Mosquito Season

There are some ways to reduce the volume of mosquitoes around your house, especially at the peak of mosquito season.

Professionals will come to your home and apply some sprays at just the optimal time to temporarily affect their egg hatching activity.

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