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Irvington Extermination Service

When you see bugs, mice, or just the evidence they were there, it’s best to take action as soon as you can.

A good exterminator can deal with rats, mice, ants, spiders, wasps, bats, birds, cockroaches, termites, gophers, insects, raccoons and more.

Mice – Eliminating Mouse Problems Near Irvington or Eliot

Mice may be kind of cute – when they’re outside your house.

It’s when they end up inside they become a problem.

Mice seek food and a warm place to sleep when it gets cold outside.

Your technician will concentrate on capturing any rodents in your house.

He will also find out how they got in and close that entrance.

Ants – Getting Rid of Ant Problems in King or Lloyd

Ants like your house because it’s nice and dry.

In addition, it has food sitting around in it.

Why wouldn’t they want to come in for a while?

Although it’s a little hard, there are a few strategies you can use to keep them outside.

Rats – A Rat Extermination Service Near Grant Park

He's here to helpRats have no place in your home or other living areas.

A rat, or worse yet, a group of rats, can be a challenge for a homeowner to take care of.

Rodents are smart, but there are strategies that work on them.

Your technician will know which strategies to use in your case.

A few sessions are usually required to do away with rats.

Your technician may devise a schedule which leads to success.

Wasps & Bees – Removing a Bee Nest

Bees are terrific, but most folks aren’t too thrilled to have a bunch of flying, potentially stinging bugs all over their yard.

There’s risk involved with knocking down a hive or nest.

You can try it yourself or call someone who has done it before.

Birds or Bats

Birds are great. But sometimes they build nests on our homes.

It makes a mess. It’s much better if they would just live in a neighborhood tree.

Bats do a lot of beneficial things.

Well, one thing – they eat flying bugs.

But it’s bad if they make their home in our home.

You need to take away the bat’s access to your house, but you can’t do that in daytime when they’re inside your house.

People who have taken care of bats before know some techniques for helping your bats to move out.

Cockroaches – Cockroach Elimination

No one likes cockroaches.

Once you have them, they are difficult to get rid of.

Your neighborhood exterminator has professional level products and solutions which work.

It’s easier to stop infestation than it is to get rid of one.

A return visit may be scheduled to evaluate progress and administer protective treatments.

Termites – Laurelhurst Termite Prevention

Discovering a termite problem at your house can easily ruin your day.

A termite specialist will detect if you’ve got a problem or not and will come up with an effective plan to eliminate them and stop them from finding their way back.

Bed Bugs or Fleas – Pet Flea and Bug Exterminator

When your dog or cat brings in those little fleas, they begin to lay eggs and those fleas end up wherever your pet spends much time.

You start out by eliminating all the fleas on your dog or cat. That’s easy to do.

But then you need to find all of the other ones in your house and get rid of them too.

That part is harder to complete.

You might need help with that.

Bed bugs will like staying at your home too.

To remove them, you have to be persistent and thorough.

Insects – Spiders or Ticks or Crickets

Those large spiders we sometimes see around here – nobody wants them in their home.

Many do-it-yourself spray solutions will include nasty chemicals which may be unhealthy if not used correctly.

Call in a professional.

Then say goodbye to your little friends.

Gophers or Moles – Removal Service

Gophers and moles are among the most annoying pest problems to have.

Trying to eliminate them on your own may have mixed results.

There are a few different ways to get them out of your lawn, but sometimes the longest lasting tactic is to motivate them to move on.

Your local pest control technician can help you pick a good path forward.

Wild Animals – Assistance Near Eliot and Boise

If you’ve got nuisance animals someplace in your house, you need to get them caught and moved.

You have to get them out of your house and then have the opening covered up so they can’t come back.


A few mosquitoes are to be expected during the summer time.

But too many can ruin your time outside.

They can’t be wiped out totally, but their numbers can usually be reduced after some attention and planning.

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