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Most homeowners get visited by uninvited pests once in a while.

Fight back all on your own or call someone to help you out.

A good exterminator can remove mice, spiders, ants, wasps, bats, termites, cockroaches, gophers, bugs, raccoons and more.

Mice Exterminator in North Pasadena

More often than not, you won’t see a mouse. Most of the time, you just see evidence he left behind.

Mice are seeking a little food and a warm and dry spot to sleep when it’s cold outside.

If you want to get those little critters out, your local exterminator can help.

Ants – Eliminating Ant Problems

Ants are everywhere. It’s only natural that a few will end up in your house once in in while.

Even though it’s not real easy, there are a few techniques you can employ to keep them outside.

Rats – Catching and Preventing Them

Take care of bugsUnfortunately for us people, rats choose to live around people.

When rats settle in, it’s tough for a homeowner to get them to get out.

There are tactics which work on rats.

Your pest control company knows which ones to use in each situation.

Rat issues are serious enough and difficult enough to usually warrant return visits.

One trip usually isn’t enough.

Hornets or Bees – Bee and Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps and bees have to reside someplace.

Usually it’s fine if they’re around your yard, but sometimes the location of their hive may be less than ideal.

Knocking down a bee or wasp hive can be exciting.

If you do it completely wrong, you may get stung. You might get stung a lot.

Let a pro try it.

Birds or Bats

Sure, birds may be entertaining. But we don’t want them constructing their nests up on our houses.

Bats go out each night and feed on flying insects, so that’s great.

But they also sometimes make their home in attics, so that isn’t good.

It’s difficult to get rid of bats, since they relax in their nest until dark.

So you can’t simply seal off the entry to their nest during the day.

Professionals are familiar with humane management tactics to encourage your house bats to find a new home.

Cockroaches – Cockroach Removal in Altadena

You don’t want cockroaches at your home. They’re gross and difficult to get rid of.

Pest pros bring products which are powerful on them, but easy on pets and humans.

Deterrence is easier than eradication. At some properties, planning quick return assessments and protective applications are advised.

Termite Issues

We don’t typically notice termites until they’ve undertaken harm to our houses.

A qualified termite spotter will see whether you’ve got them and what harm they may have done.

Bed Bugs or Fleas – Pet Flea and Bug Exterminators

If your pet spends much time outside, it’s likely they will come across fleas.

And when your pet gets fleas, you get fleas inside your house too.

Wiping out the fleas still on your dog or cat is fairly simple to do.

Since they are so small, it’s tough to get them out of your carpets and furniture.

Bed bugs can be a hassle as well.

You can get rid of them by yourself, you just need to be thorough and patient.

Insects – Spiders and Crickets or Whatever

It’s easy for bugs to sneak into our houses.

But that doesn’t mean we are fine with it.

Most of the products property owners can purchase are intended to kill noticeable insects, but not to control them or prevent them from coming in.

If you keep seeing bugs such as spiders or crickets in your home, your local exterminator has a solution to remedy that.

Moles or Gophers – Control and Avoidance

Got a gopher or mole situation? It can be annoying.

A homeowner will often try and take care of those gophers or moles on his own.

But these varmints are resilient and new ones constantly manage to come back.

Theoretically, most procedures work somewhat, but it’s not easy to know for sure.

Plus, they keep making new babies which populate your yard with new critters, so a property owner never seems to win.

It’s good to examine the choices so you can select the solution which has the best possibility of working.


The agreement we have with wild animals is we live in our houses, and they live somewhere else.

If they begin damaging or coming into our houses, they are breaking the contract.

Your animal control technician will come up with an idea to prevent any critters from getting back into your home or garage.

Mosquitoes – Programs for Mosquito Control

A few mosquitoes are to be expected during the summer.

But too many of them will spoil your time outside.

You can’t eliminate them totally, but with some preparation and treatment, their numbers can be diminished some.

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